With the competitiveness of China eroding, outward investment by China based shoe producers is more compelling than ever. More and more shoe giants continue to expand their investment in Vietnam, a mature shoe center for decades, offers unique development opportunities for global investors and for buyers looking to do more sourcing outside China.

Now Vietnam plays a crucial role in footwear production and international trade, and has become a major strategic country for many footwear brands, ranks the second manufacturing country in the world. According to LEFASO, leather & footwear exports is expected to reach $19.5 billion to $20 billion, but there are numbers of problems and weakness: automation, high value products, workers strike and so on.

The activities include one and half days each for event and Vietnam leading factories tours. The summit is designed to acquaint companies with the shoe producing environment in Vietnam including analysis of its labor situation, laws and regulations, as well as the trade rules and agreements, and investment conditions and terms.


Footwear Sourcing Guidelines based on Deep Insight in Global Footwear Manufacturing & Invest Environment and World Trade Policies

Analysis on Global Footwear Manufacturing Data & Production Trends, Key Topics in US Footwear Trade

Key Orientations and Invest Opportunities of Vietnam Footwear Industry, Progress in 2018 and Strategy to Overtake the Upcoming Trends

Updates on EVFTA, what it Brings to Footwear & Leather Industry in Vietnam when it comes into Force in 2019

Social Compliance Challenges in Vietnam, Updates of Vietnamese Latest Labor Laws & Trends of Wages Rise, Solutions to Ensure Production Capability

Overview & Analysis on Global Footwear Manufacturing Environment in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Mexico

Responsible Investing in Vietnam, Environmental Tax on Footwear and Leather Industry

Emerging Trends in Global & Vietnam Footwear Sourcing, how to Get Access to Global Value Chain

Insightful Thinking of Global Automation on Footwear Manufacturing and Application in Vietnam

Cases Studies of improving Productivity and Reducing Waste in Factories, Practical Factory Sustainability to Enhance Competitiveness

Delivering Sustainable Innovation through Advanced Footwear Materials Enabling Design Freedom, High Performance and Lean Manufacturing

Fashion and Sport brands Clash in Luxury Sneakers Race, Robust Opportunities and Great Chanllenge to Material Suppliers and High Tech

Running Shoe Designed and Created Based on an Individual’s Unique Biomechanics

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